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North West Relief Trust

About NWRT

  • Registered UK charity, constituted on 28/07/2010.
  • Charity number 1137148.
  • An unincorporated charity.
  • Governing document is a Trust Deed, dated 26/04/2010.
  • Supported by the Maasajids in Lancaster, Preston, Blackburn and Bolton.


All expenses are paid for by each of the individuals involved in the Trust and no donations are used for expenses. Therefore 100% of donations are used for all the projects.



  • Cataract operations:

- Due to extreme poverty in some areas the required medical treatment is not possible for thousands of people. 

  • Food cart distribution:

- Many people have no means to provide for their families. To aid manual labour and help with making individuals self-sufficient, hand carts are provided as tools of labour.

  • Sewing machine distribution:

- Countless women have been widowed and as a consequence the responsibility of providing for their families is on these individuals. The use of sewing machines help reduce this burden.

  • Clean water access construction:

- This is a necessity for human life and it is a necessity many do not have access to. Through construction of water wells and hand pumps access to clean water is not only very much appreciated, but in some cases life saving.

  • Group weddings of Orphans:

- Poverty results in many cases where families do not have the means to get their children married.

  • Other medical services:

- Areas where this is needed the most, are also supported. Dialysis units, kidney operations and other types of services are considered.

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